3 key members of our team and how their skills could benefit your practice

Over the course of managing your clients’ journeys you may face a multitude of obstacles you’ll need to help them overcome. These can cover a wide range of issues and can come with significant time challenges in ensuring all the necessary research, checks, and administrative tasks are completed thoroughly and recorded in detail.

Outsourcing some of your firm’s workload can free you up to better focus on your clients’ key goals and objectives, ensure your firm is better protected against any future issues, and allows you to tap into a wide range of specialised skills and experience.

Read on to discover how three of our key team members can help your business.

Emma Vacca provides specialist insights into the mortgage and property sector

Emma works as a mortgage and protection analyst at eParaplan. She:

  • Covers any mortgage related administrative issues for our clients
  • Communicates regularly with clients throughout the process
  • Produces thorough suitability reports on the subject.

Emma previously worked in the property sector as a mortgage adviser at Connells and has first-hand experience within the mortgage and property sector.

She has sat and passed her CF1 (UK financial services, regulation and ethics) and CF6 (mortgage advice) professional qualification exams.

As a specialist in her field, Emma works on ensuring the fine details are thoroughly checked in any report she produces for advisers including:

  • Vetting your clients’ information
  • Checking your clients’ outgoings, pay dates, and previous pay slips
  • Reviewing your clients’ bank statements
  • Performing a comprehensive fact-find on your clients
  • Logging all information including any background documents and key notes
  • Sourcing the right mortgage for your clients
  • Monitoring the application throughout the process and dealing with any lender issues.

These checks can save vital time for advisers, reduce the risk of potential errors — which can provide protection should a complaint arise in the future — and allows them the freedom to take on more clients.

One of the key problems Emma has helped solve for an adviser’s client in the last few years, and one that in the current economic climate could become increasingly common, is helping them to secure a mortgage if they have a history of significant debts.

Emma’s expertise can help ensure your clients find an affordable package and can help take the significant time allocated to solving lender issues and getting your client accepted off of your shoulders — freeing you up to focus your efforts elsewhere.

Becki Hearn helps advisers’ action the outcomes from key meetings

Becki is a recent addition to the eParaplan team having joined our firm in August 2022 with a background in the pensions sector. Becki works as a technical researcher dealing with advisers’ post-meeting action lists, primarily investment related issues.

Becki will largely deal with advisers in the follow-up to key meetings or annual reviews and help them action anything on their post-meeting checklists including:

  • Dealing with the administration of new investments
  • Processing any fund switches
  • Updating any professional platforms or back-of-house systems with the necessary information and setting reminders to double-check actions have been processed.

Becki’s role removes the time-consuming post-meeting administration from advisers to-do lists and allows them to move onto starting their next job or deal with a potential new client enquiry.

An action list after a key client meeting can involve dozens of tasks — on top of whatever else an adviser has on their greater to-do list. So, passing on the workload can free up advisers to deal with bigger issues and can make sure your clients don’t feel forgotten.

If you end up spending too much of your valuable time dealing with administrative tasks rather than building valuable bonds with your clients, too much time might elapse since you last spoke, and they may feel neglected. Becki allows you more time to focus on their individual needs, as well as checking in with your clients herself throughout her post-meeting processes.

Overall, your clients are likely to receive a better, more attentive service.

Shaunagh Wilson is a jack of all trades who can help resolve a wide range of adviser issues

In her time with the firm, Shaunagh has risen up the ranks from paraplanner to head of technical services and onto her current position as operations director for the business.

Aside from her internal duties managing key parts of eParaplan as a business, Shaunagh also works as a “jack of all trades” for advisers.

She performs a lot of consultancy-based tasks, usually focusing on the onboarding process to ensure an adviser’s clients are receiving the best possible customer experience (CX).

Shaunagh will typically:

  • Review any existing adviser documents, processes, and templates
  • Work out ways to relieve adviser’s work stress, staffing issues, or technical problems
  • Streamline an adviser’s administrative processes for maximum efficiency
  • Create new client onboarding journeys and tackle any lingering CX issues
  • Improve the content and quality of suitability reports.

Shaunagh has a lot of experience working with advisers on their client journeys. She likes to bring creative solutions to the table with out-of-the-box ideas or forming whole new services at eParaplan that will aid advisers in the future.

She is also able to provide her collective experience with working with so many advisers and their issues. This has gifted her with the understanding of what has worked well with commonly held adviser problems in the past, and the “compound effect” of this experience is that the service she provides advisers will only get better in the future.

Often when advisers are trying to juggle too many duties at once, they can struggle to find the time to work on their internal processes.

This could involve their client journey systems. Shaunagh has a long history of stepping in, analysing their issues, streamlining the process, making it more digestible for clients, and building it around the adviser’s ethos and key systems. Refining this process can add significant value to a firm.

Whatever the issue an adviser might face, eParaplan are confident we have the skills and experience in place to help resolve it.

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