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4 creative ways to foster a vibrant company culture that will attract talented recruits

Author and motivational speaker, Simon Sinek, once said: “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion”.

Employees that derive joy, excitement, and fun from their working lives benefit from an improved emotional wellbeing and greater productivity.

So, developing a positive company culture at your firm that promotes a healthy and enjoyable working environment could be a beneficial step towards not only improving your workplace but possibly becoming a more desirable employment opportunity to potential new hires.

Read on to discover four creative ways to foster a vibrant company culture that will attract talented recruits.

Employees are having a greater say in the kinds of businesses they’d like to work for, and the job perks they consider essential

The pandemic and social movements, such as “Me Too” and Black Lives Matter, have led to changes in workspaces and workplace dynamics.

Employees have come to expect greater considerations, more flexibility, and an alternative approach to workplace issues from their potential employers. For many this is a shift to a “hybrid working” model split between the office and home.

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There is also an increased desire for jobs at businesses that recognise issues of equality, diversity, and inclusivity, and tailor themselves to acknowledge the various personalities, quirks, and individual strengths of their team members.

While income remains an ongoing consideration, finding employment with a company that has values and a culture that aligns with their own is becoming an increasingly vital factor in employment decisions for employees.

According to Business Leader, 55% of employers have found retaining staff more difficult today than before the pandemic, while Employer News reported that 45% of employers found that talent recruitment was the greatest challenge faced in 2022.

Recruitment struggles among financial advice firms have been regularly reported over the past few years with an ageing workforce and a shortage of new, readily available recruits putting added pressure on existing staff.

So, as recruitment of high value individuals becomes increasingly difficult, could developing a welcoming, inclusive, and positive company culture be the key to getting ahead of your competitors in the recruitment process?

4 creative ways to foster a vibrant company culture

  1. Create a diverse and fully inclusive environment

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace allows individuals to flourish and feel comfortable being themselves at work without having to hide facets of their personality or background to conform to a businesses’ working environment.

This can be achieved by ensuring all your employees feel valued and supported equally, regardless of their position or background.

Ensuring you recruit across diverse and inclusive guidelines and create pathways for minorities and women to gain access to key positions within your firm can be beneficial on many levels. This may also open up avenues to potential recruits who hadn’t previously considered a career in financial services.

Take the time to get to know your employees, their preferences, personal lives, passions, motivations, and goals. It can all help towards building a better workplace.

Employees that feel safe and secure in a job are more likely to be retained in the long term.

2. Build lines of open communication

Open communication allows everyone in the business to express their individual ideas and thoughts on key subjects to one another. It can encourage employees to be more honest, share suggestions they may otherwise have kept to themselves, and help them feel more valued within the business.

This can foster a greater sense of loyalty to the business and boost productivity.

Improved communication can also help tackle issues that may arise at an early stage and help diffuse workplace tensions or problems.

Yearly reviews, quarterly feedback sessions, and regular meetings can:

  • Help employees feel heard
  • Enable discussions about problems and ways your firm can improve on both the employee and employer’s side of issues
  • Build a more collaborative work environment.

Clear communication can also help develop better relationships with your employees, which can prompt them to check in more often, be more open about their struggles or difficulties, come to their managers with problems or to discuss goals, and help them feel more motivated and appreciated in their jobs.

3. Develop greater work flexibility

Offering an approach to working hours or tasks that offers greater flexibility demonstrates your willingness and ability as a business to accommodate various needs and adapt to potential changes. This can ensure that the needs of both the employee and employer are being met, can increase staff wellbeing, and improve productivity.

It is also a highly desirable factor in the decision-making process of potential recruits.

The days of the five-day, 40-hour workweek are quickly being confined to the past. There is a greater desire among employees and potential recruits to push for flexible hours, four-day workweeks, and increased control over how their working week is laid out, provided they still hit appropriate targets and goals, as well as working the necessary number of hours.

4. Implement zero-tolerance policies

Employees expect their workplaces to be safe and secure and for their employers to look out for them.

Zero-tolerance policies towards incidents of workplace harassment, bullying, and discrimination in which instances are taken seriously, dealt with confidentially, handled with sympathy and compassion, and managed in the appropriate manner.

Any action taken against those accused of misconduct should only be taken with the accuser’s consent.

The overall aim of a zero-tolerance policy is to encourage staff to feel safe about reporting misconduct and knowing that in doing so, they will not face negative repercussions or that issues will persist any further.

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