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7 Tips for Creating the Ideal Work Environment | #WorldEnvironmentDay

“A positive workplace directly influences employee happiness.”  

It’s #WorldEnvironmentDay and at Eparaplan we believe your work environment is as important as your home environment.

Here’s our seven tips for creating the ideal work environment. 

1. A happy workplace:   

There are many ways to create the best physical workplace and although it starts with decor there are other factors to consider like reducing noise pollution, fill with light pleasant colours and motivational art on the walls, make sure the workplace is kept clean, ensure repairs are seen to promptly and create a positive environment that sparks joy.   

2. Nature & natural lighting:

It might be as simple as drawing back the curtains or blinds and letting the outdoors in, as ‘exposure to natural light improves mood and energy, greatly impacting focus and productivity”. Bringing nature in has also proven to increase productivity, creative and wellbeing. “People who work in environments that incorporate natural elements report a 15% higher level of wellbeing, 6% more productivity overall, and are 15% more creative”.  

3. Promote creativity: 

Whether that be with a physical creative space or weekly creative meetings with the team to boost creative thinking. “81% of Britain’s bosses believe fostering a creative environment is important for their employees, while 64% are likely to hire a new employee based on their creative abilities.”  

4. Get Comfy: 

Comfortable seating is so important, “even if the sun can’t shine into your workplace, make an effort to provide a relaxing atmosphere with comfy furniture, working equipment and a few ‘extra-mile’ amenities” like sofas, chairs and a variety of options so your team can work flexibly between their desk and a comfy sofa to give the team the freedom to work efficiently wherever they’re most comfortable.  

5. Encourage a work-life balance:

If employees feel able to work from home, take time out for doctors appointments or attend family meetings (for example) it has a greater staff loyalty and fulfilment levels, resulting in higher productivity and wellbeing.

6. Focus on wellbeing:

Encourage ‘time out’ and reflection. Whether that be hosting office yoga sessions, mindfulness activities or weekly reflection meetings with team members to ensure they’re happy, healthy and feeling their best selves in and out of the workplace.  

7. It’s the little things:  

From nice hand soaps in the toilets to free access to tea and coffee as well as magazines, books and games available to enjoy in relaxing and calm spaces in the office – all these little changes could be the key to your staff loving their work life as much as their Homelife. 

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