Boosting Bonds: The Art of Financial Chit-Chat with a Twist!

Hello readers! Dive into the world of financial services with me, where cash meets dreams…. let’s talk about sprucing up those adviser-client relationships. Here at eParaplan Connect, we’re like the matchmakers of money talk, and guess what? We’ve got a secret sauce to keep that love alive—our snazzy 6-monthly care call included in our Aqua Core Client Servicing and management plan.

Do your clients feel like you speak another language? They are not alone. Petronella West spoke truth at The Lang Cat’s Regenerate 2024 gig, saying communication sometimes feels like throwing darts blindfolded. It’s time for a change, people! Advisers, it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about connecting the dots between those numbers and your clients’ wildest dreams.

The eParaplan Connect Charm School for Communication

1. The Half-Yearly Heart-to-Heart

Our 6-monthly client catch-up calls are not your grandma’s tea time. Nope, we’re here to dig deep, uncover those financial woes, and adapt as life throws curveballs. It’s about getting cosy with your clients’ needs and dreams. This isn’t just chit-chat; it’s the glue for trust and dedication. We check in to ensure they understand everything, happy with the outcome, have any queries or need us to help with anything new? Any feedback for your adviser? We ask it all. This helps builds trust, connectivity, a little call to say “hey” we got you!

2. On-Call Cheerleaders

If your client needs us? They can just holler, and we’re there. Financial worries wait for no one, which is why our team’s always on standby. This isn’t just about answering calls; it’s about being a beacon of hope in the foggy sea of finance. Quick, caring responses are our jam, making every client feel like a VIP.

3. Growth Gardening

Our monthly care calls aren’t just wellness checks; they’re treasure maps to uncover more gems. It’s about nurturing the seedlings of today into the mighty oaks of tomorrow. We’re in the business of making dreams come true, helping advisers spot opportunities to blossom further within their client garden.

To wrap it up, it’s not just about overcoming communication hurdles; it’s about redefining the adviser-client tango. At eParaplan Connect, our new look eye-catching reports, following any advice or review, speak volumes and gain great feedback. More like bespoke blueprints for financial fluency, ensuring advisers can waltz through the complexities of money matters with grace and clients follow in awe.

If you haven’t seen our Aqua plan then book a call to find out more using this link:

– Director & CEO

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