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We provide full administration and paraplanning services to many types of adviser and therefore, have extensive experience with remote working. There are always teething issues whilst learning new systems and processes, but they are ironed out quickly when communicated and a full understanding is obtained from both organisations. Remote working assures we can continue to work on your business at all times even if snowed in for example!

When calling providers or clients, we act as though we are calling from your firm; this would therefore be no different if you had an employed person in your office. Our service is a white labelled service.

As we are not working directly within your office, having direct control over the service we are providing requires more open communication. All work is logged on our system, which you have access to for you to see exactly what work has been completed each day. Regular catch up meetings can also help give you that control, as this is an opportunity to dictate what you would like to complete and by what date.

In terms of data protection, paperwork does not leave our office. All our client data is stored in SharePoint. We also have a Data Protection License and comply with Cyber Essentials, undertaking yearly certification. Any client data that we print off is shredded and disposed of accordingly. We are fully compliant with GDPR.

We have our own insurance which does not alter whether we are providing you with administration or paraplanning support. Therefore, we believe the insurance we have in place currently is sufficient to provide you with an on-going administration service.

The monthly payment is adjusted at the start of every plan anniversary year. E.g If you start the year off with 50 clients you will pay 50x the subscription fee each month. At the next plan anniversary, we will do a client count and adjust the payment based on the number of clients, so if you bring on clients your total each month will go up, if you lose clients, it will go down and so on.

The severity of the mistake would need to be quantified and action taken where necessary. If the error can be rectified, we would obviously do this. If there was a financial cost incurred because of the error, we would possibly need to look at reimbursing any cost to you, if this was something that could have been avoided. We operate an open and honest practice, whereby should we make a mistake, we would bring this to your attention at the earliest opportunity to ensure that it can be rectified.

We have a compliance service for checking cases that you may feel need extra checking or if you have taken on a trainee adviser and would prefer a pre-sales advice check before the business is written. This can all be documented for your Training Needs Analysis and T&C.

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