Going Green

eParaplan Connect are committed to working in a greener, kinder, healthier & all inclusive world

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Environmental, Social & Governance

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are a set of standards for a company’s operations. It can also refer to any effort to improve a company's eco-friendliness or carbon footprint. Companies can deploy CSR efforts as a standalone program or as part of a broader campaign.

Putting our money where our values are and doing what we can to help improve our environmental, social and governance behaviours.

eParaplan Connect’s current ESG activities

ESG can cut across almost everything your business does. For us currently it involves a range of activities, such as:

  • Environmental management, eg waste reduction and sustainability
  • Responsible sourcing, eg using only fair trade
  • Improvement of working standards and conditions
  • Contributing to educational and social programmes
  • Employee volunteering
  • Socially responsible investment
  • Development of employee and community relations
  • Investment in charitable organisations and responsible organisations

With Ecologi we have our own field of trees with a purchase to date of 250 trees and 5 tonnes of carbon offsets.

Family. Healthcare. Education.

Humanitas are one of the charities we donate to – they provide long-term, professional support to individuals in areas of devastating poverty around the world. They build schools. and treat illnesses. They create lasting families for children without a home; on the ground, providing care, in a crisis.

Love thy Neighbour

PSK is a charity for homeless and disadvantaged people in the city ensuring that they get some hot soup, food and drinks, throughout the year, whatever the weather conditions. For 39 years, run entirely by volunteers, we operate 100% on donations and need funds to offer and improve our services.

Your donation to PSK is very much appreciated. We are currently serving approximately 50 people a night. The charity is run entirely by volunteers and receives no government funding. As such it is reliant of donations like yours to keep operating. Thank you very much from all the members of Peterborough Soup Kitchen

Even 1’s and 2’s can make a small but positive impact and at eparaplan – we give a crap! 

We flush a fair bit of loo roll in the office every day so we invest in this fabulouso product.

WGC donate 50% of profits to help build toilets for the 2.3 billion people who don’t have access to an actual loo. 

Trees are for loving not wiping our bums on, so WGC toilet rolls are 100% recycled paper, all of the packaging is 100% recyclable and boxes are shipped carbon neutral.

Binning It & Office Eco

We actually do recycle – properly, we have confidential waste disposed of professionally, a v.big green bin, paper waste and ground source heating (which provides a clean way to heat buildings, free of all carbon emissions on site) as well as efficient lighting and productivity-boosting oxygen ‘office plants’. We are always looking and improving to reduce our impact on the environment as we go about our daily lives.