How our team has been delivering success and enjoying a slice of cake or two

The famous American industrialist, Henry Ford, once said:

“if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”.

A great team can form the foundations of a successful business. At eParaplan Connect we’re very proud of our staff and all their achievements.

We understand that our team functions best when everyone is working towards a common goal.

Everyone from the management and operations team to our roster of paraplanners to the administrative and research staff, all play their part in our success.

As financial planners, you’ll understand the benefits of working within a trusting, mutually understanding relationship.

Read on to learn about how our team has been going the extra mile to promote our firm, provide our clients with excellent service, and some moments of celebration in our team’s day to day lives.

Our team has been on the road promoting the firm in a variety of ways

Not to be undone by the confines of an office space, our team is constantly out on the road — networking, promoting our ethos, and doing our part to give back to the community.

Our managing director Michelle was recently asked to present an award at the Peterborough Small Business Awards which, for the past six years, has been championing truly small scale businesses that are often overlooked in favour of larger firms.

They put the spotlight on successful small businesses that are delivering excellent work around the country with the Peterborough edition focusing on the local region.

Elsewhere, our operations director, Shaunagh, attended Changefest in Liverpool. The event celebrates the next generation of financial planners with talks and opportunities to discuss modern innovative ideas, network, and allow ambitious young individuals the chance for a career change.

Will, in our client servicing team, attended an event hosted by the Little Marketing Company in which marketing strategies and ideas were discussed.

Not to be outdone, Spencer, our business development manager, attended the Coalition of the Independent conference, hosted by Albemarle Street Partners, which showcases the importance of independent financial advice and helps shape idea for the future of the industry.

Finally, Richard, in our technical administration team, donned his charity hat as he took part in a local walk for Children in Need.

A satisfied client is great for business

We understand the importance of client feedback and how it can help improve the performance of our business and ensure we keep our clients satisfied on a regular basis.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the lovely comments we received recently:

  • Matt Broadhurst said: “Riva, you’re doing a brilliant job, thank you”.
  • Commenting on Jodie’s work (one of our technical administration team) Adrian Kemp said: “You have an excellent written communication style, which is professional, sincere, but also displays empathy for the recipients. All valuable attributes. Many thanks again”.
  • Georgia Scott of Trinity said of Richard’s recent work on a lengthy ongoing case: “Thank you very much, that’s super helpful”.
  • Our Integrity client, said of Georgia’s work (another member of our technical administration team): “Thank you for your prompt and informative reply, very helpful”.

There are also shoutouts to Rachelle and Carey, who have picked up new cases and systems very quickly and really gone the extra mile to smash their individual workloads recently.

A slice of cake and many happy returns

There is much to celebrate within the team at the moment.

Firstly, Richard, has made a move onto the property ladder by purchasing a new home, which he will be moving into shortly. We wish him the best of luck.

Secondly, two birthdays are on the calendar with both Becki and Georgia celebrating another orbit around the sun. We are sure there will be much cake and post-work festivities involved.

Finally, Riva might not be celebrating a birthday of her own but will be for a little one sometime in the near future. She heads off on maternity leave in mid-November and we wish her a pleasant, stress-free bit of time off as she prepares for the big day.

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