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How we can help your business: Advantages & Disadvantages

At eparaplan, we aim to unlock your time and improve your efficiency with our professional team to help the world of busy financial advisers with administration, paraplanning and consultancy. 

But how can eparaplan really help your business?


  1. OUTSOURCING SAVES YOU MONEY – As an outsourced service, we would not be employed by your firm. We, therefore, have no employment rights, nor would you be obliged to provide us with a ‘benefit package’. Ergo, we would be able to provide a highly qualified service at a lesser cost to the employment of staff.
  2. A LARGE & DEDICATED TEAM – We are a full admin and paraplanning function to your business – we have a large team. So, without us, if you have one paraplanner who is off sick long term, then you lose your resource and your money along with an added and wasted time. 
  3. 30 DAY CANCELLATION PERIOD – We offer you a 30 days cancellation notice period, whereby if you are unhappy with the service offered, there is no long term financial commitment to you.
  4. EXPERTISE & EXPERIENCE – We have an array of experience within our team, therefore, the most appropriate member of staff will complete the work.
  5. FULLY DEDUCTIBLE BUSINESS EXPENSE – Our services can be fully deducted as a business expense, just like employing a staff member.
  6. AN EFFICIENT SERVICE – Completing both your administration and paraplanning would enable us to be involved in the process from start to finish and would enable us to provide a more efficient service.
  7. KNOWLEDGE IS KEY – Our team are knowledgeable with the ISO and BS rating system provided by the Standards International and part of the Standards International team.


  1. WE ARE VAT REGISTERED – Due to our business levels and turnover, we are registered for VAT which is chargeable on all our services. If you are not registered for VAT, you cannot claim this back.
  2. THINGS CAN TAKE TIME – Fully understanding your processes and business model can take time, however, this would be the same even with a member of staff in your office.

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