Introducing eParaplan Connect’s Revolutionary Wealth Connect Support Service!

At eParaplan Connect, we understand the ever-increasing challenges faced by financial advisers in today’s complex and regulated landscape. These challenges often hinder advisers from doing what they do best – providing expert financial guidance. In response to this industry-wide struggle, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest service: Wealth Connect.

Michelle Wilson-Stimson, our CEO, shares her insights on this exciting development. “In the financial advice sector, professionals grapple with a range of obstacles, from intricate regulations to rising operational costs. These hurdles often divert advisers from their core responsibility. Recognising this, we’ve crafted a service that’s tailored to address advisers’ unique needs.”

Wealth Connect comes in three distinct packages: ‘Orange’, ‘Aqua’, and ‘Aqua+.’ These packages offer much more than support; they provide solutions to the most pressing issues faced by the adviser community, allowing them to reclaim their time for financial planning.

The three plans are designed to provide proactive, year-round support, ensuring regulatory compliance and positive client outcomes.

The ‘Orange’ plan serves as the basic offering, meeting minimum regulatory requirements.

The ‘Aqua’ plan goes a step further, incorporating features for pre- and post-meeting preparations.

The ‘Aqua+’ plan is the all-encompassing choice, including additional financial activities.

Aqua+ takes it a step further by offering a comprehensive package that includes additional financial activities like annual Bed & ISAs and Pension top-ups. With these unique features, advisers can walk into client meetings better prepared and focus on strategic advising.

Our fixed fee subscription models eliminate the uncertainties of hourly billing, offering advisers predictability, transparency, and aligned interests. This enables advisers to manage their finances more effectively, build trust through clear pricing, and prioritise service quality.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the numerous awards and recognitions we’ve received. From the Peterborough Best Small Business award to being named one of the best financial services firms to work for by Professional Adviser, eParaplan Connect has earned industry-wide respect.

We believe in delivering exceptional service and building strong, trusting partnerships. Our services integrate seamlessly into your existing operational processes, enhancing your efficiency, and enabling you to better serve your clients and grow your business.

We are setting new benchmarks in solving the problems that financial advisers face. With our ‘Wealth Connect’ fixed fee subscription plans, we offer a compelling solution to the industry’s challenges, serving as a blueprint for the future of financial advising.

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