Navigating the Future: A Recap of eParaplan Connect’s Dynamic Business Planning Meeting

Greetings eParaplan Connect community,

As we dive into the new year, I’m excited to give you a sneak peek into the recent buzz at eParaplan Connect, fresh from our business planning meeting.

We began the day with a slideshow by Shaunagh, who took us on a tour of our triumphs from the past year—an eParaplan wrapped if you like. It was a moment to soak in our successes, embrace our learnings, and celebrate our growth.

Then came Michelle, ready to dazzle us with a presentation that was not just a glimpse into the future of eParaplan Connect, but a chance to step into the shoes of our esteemed advisers. How can we supercharge our services for them? What internal wizardry can we conjure to keep things running seamlessly?

Amidst this brainstorming, we also indulged in some mouth-watering pizza. Because let’s be honest, nothing fuels creativity like a good slice of pizza! The mix of thoughtful reflection, forward-thinking, and a shared meal left us with a crystal-clear vision of our business goals and ambitions.

Kathryn and Martina, our latest recruits, didn’t ease into the eParaplan Connect experience—they were catapulted into the deep end! And you know what? They didn’t merely stay buoyant; they performed a synchronised swim routine, seamlessly blending into the eParaplan Connect crew. Now, that’s what I call making a splash!

We had collectively brainstormed ideas to propel the business forward, and whilst there wasn’t any physical head-banging involved, a few sore heads were still in the mix. We departed with not just satisfied stomachs from the pizza feast but also with our enthusiasm for the future. Our eagerness to elevate services for both current and future clients promptly eased any lingering headaches.

Here’s to a year filled with growth, collaboration, and the exceptional service that’s become synonymous with eParaplan Connect.

William Handy, Design & Digital Content Creator

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