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Our 8 Productivity Tips for #WorldProductivityDay

Today is World Productivity Day and we’ve put together our top ‘8 Productivity Tips’ for being your most efficient self at work with a lists of tips and tricks to help you be as productive as possible. 

1. Time blocking
Time block your diary to allow sufficient time to complete tasks and ensure you focus when on those tasks and do not procrastinate.

2. Be present each day
Ensure you work on today and focus on today – plan to work on the future goals and future needs within your diary.

3. Email management
Ensure emails are managed through the use of folder management

  • Use your inbox as your task lists – once dealt with – move out of the inbox into a dedicated folder
  • Move articles sent on email to be read into your “other” list
  • Move non-urgent tasks into the “other” list in your inbox. Address this list once a day only.
  • Turn off email pop-ups on your screen to prevent distractions
  • Maybe use software such as ‘Pause’ which will only notify you of new emails within the timescales you set it to – which again removes distraction.

4. Get the right stationery
Through the use of a diary and a desk planner, you can plan and determine your week quickly in a glance. Paper-based desk planners and diaries are always a good thing to have in addition to an online version – Technology is fabulous but sometimes it fails… If you have a backup or a paper copy then you’ll never end up fretting and will stay focussed and organised.
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5. Wellbeing is important too
Maintain wellness and wellbeing to ensure your health is good – poor health results in low performance.

6. Have a productive set up
Have a proper desk set up with good lighting and set your desk and PC or laptop as per the DSE guidelines to ensure you are in a good position to storm ahead and be the most productive.

7. Communication is key
Ensure you reflect regularly with your team, colleagues or clients as good communication improves your sense of doing a good job, preventing constant emails or phone calls from others over where something maybe or a client asking for an update on their work.

There’s a little saying that says “If, the first thing you do when you wake up each morning is to eat a live frog nothing worse can happen for the rest of the day!” – of course, this doesn’t mean to literally eat a live frog – it’s a metaphor – what it means is that you do the most difficult or annoying and mundane of tasks first and then you are free to let your creative energies flow – pushing back those painful tasks keeps them on your mind and slows your energy and productivity considerably.

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