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Our service: How are we different?

At eparaplan, we’re realistic and we know that not one company is the same. 

We know that each business requires individual attention and our aim is to fully understand your business, future objectives and how we can help you reach your goals. 

Our service is priced on the value to your firm which is suited to your needs (following a business audit) and we want to build a long-lasting relationship and become a committed and fundamental part of your business. We build our service around you and your needs and become part of your team.  

We believe that financial planner wants a service that offers these FIVE key points:

1. TO BE UNDERSTOOD – An understanding of the company’s proposition and future aspirations. 

2. A QUALITY SERVICE – Exceptional quality, demonstrated throughout technical accuracy and market awareness. 

3. A TRUSTED SERVICE – Reasonable time-scales for completion of work, with deadlines met.  

4. COST EFFICIENCY – Decreased business costs – increased business efficiency.  

5. TRANSPARENCY – Cost transparency and options.  

Things to note:  

  1. We do not provide a one-off transactional service.  
  2. We work with Standards International and all of our team are working towards or already qualified by the paraplanner Standard.  

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